The Constitution Theory

Zhang Xuewen 

The publishing house of Chinese University of Science and Technology 


ISBN:7-312-01640-5/N p277 35 


The problem of constitution (component, composition or structure) exists in many complex things. The Constitution Theory proposed by the author provides a unified model, analysis tool and computational method and principle. The theory analyzes the components through the concepts of general set, distribution function and complexity, and it also reveals that every random event follows the maximum complexity principle. The constitution theory is closely related to complexity study, the information theory and the second law in thermodynamics. This book presents many applications of the theory on natural science and social science, and brings up important points such as non-increase of information, complexity transformation of different conformation (complexity law) and so on . Theorists in natural science, social science and philosophy fields, scientists, engineers and graduate students who are interested could obtain new ideas, concepts, methods and theories and apply them in their own fields.